Rumours of my demise

May 16, 2007 at 7:25 pm 1 comment

have been greatly a little exaggerated.

I am alive! Just

We arrived at the clinic nice and early. Not necessarily a good thing as it gave me time to get worried, but it meant that once Mr DG had done his thing they were able to get the kids out of the way. By the time we were called in, the nerves had more than kicked in and I knew I was close to tears.

I removed my bottom layers and put on my sexy gown, then Mr R came in to go through everything and get me to sign my consent form I didn’t really hear much of what he said, I just wanted to get in there.

Once we did get into the room where it would all happen the tears started. Mr R promised to put me out as quick as he could, and he was pretty good to his word. The last thing i remember is crying though. Then there are a few blurry snapshots where i couldn’t really tell you what as going on but speaking to dh may well be moments where i was wincing a little. Next thing I know its all over but I have an oxygen mask on. Apparently after they got me into the wheelchair to take me back to recovery, I fainted and slid down. So, DH, Mr R and the nice nurse had to get me back in the wheelchair, back over to the bed, and then lift me into the bed. They’d taken my venflon out nice and quick because it upsets me.

Back in recovery I was a little spaced out and couldn’t face drinking water, let alone the tea and biscuits I was offered. I did eventually manage it though, and even made it to the loo with some assistance (maybe too much info, but they don’t let you leave before you do). I just wanted to get home to my bed.

The drive back took an age. Every bump and turn was so painful. I had to keep my eyes closed, as open for more than two minutes I just felt nauseous, I even had to ask DH to pull over at one point because I thought I was going to be sick. Once home, dh helped me up the stairs and I crawled into bed. I took two nurofen and slept for two hours. Since then I’ve perked up a little. I even just managed to eat a cheese sandwich, and am trying follow my strict diet of drink drink drink! to keep the dreaded OHSS at bay. I still feel like someone’s given me a kicking though. To be honest I didnt expect the pain after to be quite so bad, but then I guess most people don’t get as many eggs as me so the trauma must be slightly less.

Did I not mention the number of eggs retrieved? 36!! How cool is that!

After all this, right now, my little eggies and Mr DG’s sperm had better be getting jiggy with it. I hope the embryologists leave a bit of Barry White or something playing in the lab overnight to put them in the mood! Well, we’ll find out in the morning. Meanwhile, I’m lagging again, its taken a lot of effort to get an update together on here and now my pillow is calling. Night night everyone…


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The morning is here Fertility report says…

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  • 1. thedrownedgirl  |  May 16, 2007 at 7:51 pm

    Night night. I’m off to sleep now too.

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