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The last pill

Yes, we’ve both taken our last birth control pill. It felt like a historic moment popping the last one out of the pack. I’ve been more than a bit poorly with some kind of tummy bug over the last day or so, so I think the main thing on my mind was making sure I kept it down long enough to get in my system!

Better to be sick now though than in a few days time. That really would be harsh. Wednesday has, of course, turned out to be a really busy day in general. DG and I have to get T to nursery, then travel to the clinic and back with E for our scans and to sort out our drugs, then back in time to pick up T, get him home and changed to take him back out for Taekwondo. He’s been going 4 weeks now, and is the youngest and smallest there, very easily distracted by things around him when he should maybe be listening but he loves it. Then an hour later we have a local Police and Community meeting from 7-9 which dh will have to go to by himself while I feed the kids and get them into bed. Then, and only then, when he returns can we try and find a moment of peace to tackle those first injections.

After lots of umming and ahhing, dh’s employer have decided the two days he is taking off to look after me cannot be compassionate leave, he has to use his leave days. Their reason? Because this is a planned procedure. By their own admission, if he had rung up on the day of EC and said, ‘Sorry, I can’t come into work, my wife is going into hospital for the day and I need to look after her’, they would have given himt he day off without question. Because we have tried to be helpful and keep them informed they don’t want to know. It also came up that this only counts if I am ill, by their understanding there is no provision for him to take leave if one of our children has an accident or is ill! Hmmm, this is a very very large employer in the UK who claim to be supportive and family friendly. I disagree.


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Happy birthday DG!

OK, Well it was yesterday so this is belated, but Happy Birthday Drowned Girl! Yes, the old lady turned 42. I know you’re not meant to tell a lady’s age, but I know the info’s already out there and she won’t mind.

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the countdown

There’s nothing much new to report. This post is purely brought on by the fact that today marks only 7 days left on the pill. I’m sure when things get going it will still seem like only 2 minutes ago we started this journey.

So… 7 days til we stop the pill, 10 days til baseline scans and injections begin and approx 22 days til Egg collection. hmmm maybe I should get some tickers…

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A side project

As my lovely readers know, I’m currently at the start of an egg donation cycle. Living in the UK this is an altruistic cycle donating to a good friend to help her complete her family.

As all good 21st Century women do, we have found a lot of our information, throughout the process, by looking on the internet. For more personal views and insights you can’t go far wrong with blogs. There are various blog directories on infertility, ivf and miscarriage, but so far I have found none on egg donation, and so, I have come to put this to rights!

I intend the blog to be a constant work in progress, improving and uploading links to blogs and news stories relevant to egg donation. Its a little bit bare at present as I’ve just started but I’m getting there, and you’ll find there are already a few interesting news stories and new blogs I found today.

Sadly, I am not omnipresent so if you come across something that could perhaps live here happily amongst the information we already have, don’t be shy, send it to me!As I’d like this to be a community site in a way, the more people on board, reading and sening in links, the better the directory will become. So please, anyone who’s happy to add the directory to your blogroll for others to see, please do so, or even better mention it in a post and send others along.

Lets hope this is successful so when others find themselves facing this huge journey they won’t be alone. Here’s the link –

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Strange way to get pregnant

We seem to be stuck in limbo again at the moment, or at least the days feel very l0ng. Looking at the calendar, in less than a month all my part in this will be over in a sense. In 15 days we have our baseline scans and I start those dreaded jabs (really sick at the thought now!) and then around 12 days later its egg collection day.

My point in the title though is that right now we are both steadily working our way through a pack of birth control pills, and it has struck me on occasion how ironic that is. At the moment I have a coil fitted, a husband who has had the snip and I’m on the pill! Its pretty obvious I’m not after a pregnancy of my own at any point in the future but I couldn’t be wishing any harder that this works for DG.

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A belated update

Well a week late here I am. Hopefully everyone’s been kept up to date reading dg’s blog. After our appointment on Thursday we went away for Easter weekend to dh’s family. As his sister has a pc with internet access I thought, no problem, I can log on and write up everything there. Silly me! WordPress password is not usual password, it was a computer generated one given to me on sign up. One of those haphazard mixtures of numbers and letters, unremembered by me and only saved on email at home! So we get home yesterday and lo and behold I get struck down by some 24 hour tummy bug that has me rushing to the loo well before the computer keyboard!

Better late than never I guess. Not sure I have much to add to dg’s update. With my sexy paper skirt and dildocam session over and done with, all ovaries present and correct, we went upstairs to sort paperwork, drugs and dates. Nurse K is lovely and helped us work through the mountain of forms that needed filling in and signing. She then gave a very quick show and tell on the needles I’ll be using. Not sure I heard a great deal of what she said really, I know the drill and guess I will deal with it when the time comes but its still put it to the back of my mind time for now.

When we heard we would be starting the birth control pills that day the excitement definitely started to build. On them until the 29th, then a few days off before the baseline scan and starting drugs May 2nd! DG let out random squeals of excitement throughout the afternoon, this is really it!

It did finish of the day beautifully to be able to walk to the high street in the sunshine and enjoy a grown up lunch. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a girly lunch. We scared the Italian waiters discussing things like childbirth loudly and closely comparing hair colour across the table. One glass of wine and we were well away (it was a very late lunch and neither of us had a chance to eat earlier in our defence) 😉

Which pretty much brings me up to date as there isn’t much new news. I’ve reacted to the bcp with morning sickness type nausea which hasn’t been great. To be honest I really wasn’t expecting any side effects until we started the inject-able drugs, so when only 2 hours after taking my first pill I felt unable to eat anything for almost 24 hours I was quite surprised. It has eased to a more bearable level though, and as I’ve said from the start its not exactly the biggest price to pay if everything works.

We’re truly on our way!

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Oh wow!

I may be being dim and unable just to work out how to comment on this blog. But oh my H! Congratulations! I couldn’t be more happy for you. Lets just hope everything runs a little more smoothly from now on. Keep growing well little one!

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