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Ok, so its totally off on a tangent but my little lady just took her first proper steps! Four of them!

Its definitely moments like this that mean I have never thought twice about the whole egg donation thing. If there was some way I could get all my eggs out and help every couple waiting for donors I absolutely would. But then again that could possibly cause some real big ears and banjo moments in the future with far too many people going round with half my dna! So as much as dh would happily ship me off to some egg making farm to make some cash (he’s a funny boy who has to feed his gadget addiction somehow!) best stick to the original plan 😉


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Mr postman

Well, another day and he didn’t bring me a letter 😦 DG was at work so I duly sent a text to let her know we hadn’t been blessed by the post fairy. So, as we were both getting a little anxious to know what was going on a rally of emails and a phone call later we found out that letters had definitely been sent out to us both, but both to dg’s address. Good job we’re seeing each other this weekend anyway. We live miles apart so at any other time it would mean her putting the letter back in the post to me which seems a bit daft.

It seems we’re still not really any nearer an answer. Mr DG has to go get himself another blood test to show that Hepatitis is not ‘live’ in his system. Then MrR will make contact with the HFEA and find their views on our being treated at his clinic on the premise that he is not infectious.

So, more sitting and waiting for now. Hopefully in a week or so we can get back to MrR with some test results and he can get on with finding some answers.

On the plus side , he did say apart from this issue he saw no problems with the planned treatment, and we could in fact have everything up to the egg collection and transfer performed there. Although they’re possibly the scariest bits.

Tomorrow, I need to make a call to my own gp while dh is off for the day, and see if they’ll let me have my final tests done via them. I still need karyotyping, cystic fibrosis and a high vaginal swab. I’ve already had the all clear on the other long list: hep a, b, c, hiv, rubella immune, cmv-, blood count fine, fsh @ 3.9 and probably others but my memory fails me on what I’ve had already so I’ll just focus  on sorting the others that need doing tomorrow.

The two bloods that need doing are the most expensive, so I’m hoping its a yes and more pennies are saved.

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